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Stand: Sonntag, der 20.06.2010

The Concert Office Richter presents:

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Famous youth flute player, flute player doyen of Shanghai Traditional Music Orchestra, Engaged teacher of Attached High School of Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

Learning from father for flute playing, Tang had won many awards in her childhood. On 1986, she entered Attached High School of Shenyang Conservatory of Music studying flute playing from Professor Kong Qingshan. Her debut solo concert was held on 1990 when she was only 16. Her performing work of duodendary system with six-holed flute attracted attention of music critics since then. Tang entered Shanghai Conservatory of Music on 1992 and continued her study on flute with famous flute master Zhao Songting and Yu Xunfa. On 1993, Tang cut CDs and tapes of famous pieces as New Chants of Herd. Tang joined Shanghai Traditional Music Orchestra after her graduation on 1996. 1998’s attendance of Taipei Sixth Fall Due International Flute Performance Tournament won her a silver prize, and at the same year, Tang became the flute player doyen of Shanghai Traditional Music Orchestra—the first female doyen for wind instrument playing in traditional band.

Ms. Tang’s performance enjoys solid exercise, wonderful skill and touching sound with abundant music expressions. As the solo guest, Tang often attended many concerto concerts, chamber concerts and TV shows such as Hong Kong Millenium Charitable Concert, Spring of Shanghai Concert of 2001 etc. On March of 2000, she was invited to play the flute and Bawu parts for the soundtrack of the famous movie of Crunching Tiger, Hidden Dragon which was directed by Li An and musically composed by Tan Dun. The soundtrack finally won countless awards including Oscar and Grammy. At the same September, Tang was invited to co-perform the theme concerto of that famous movie with famous cello player Ma Youyou at Babiken Art Center of England, which started the world tour of the show. The list of Tang’s collaborators also includes the well-known names like Jia Daqun (Thinking at Boundary), He Xuntian (Windclock). Tang also joined the New Year Concert performance with orchestra at Vienna’s Golden Chamber at Spring Festival of 2001. An invited special performance of Tang Junqiao’s Flute at Macao on July of 2001, another special performance held by CCTV on 2002 are two shows we can enjoy on CCTV-4. American Tour of 2002 with Youth Symphony Orchestra of Shanghai Conservatory of Music is her another proof of success. She also was invited to join the Chinese Traditional Music Concert held at headquarter of UNESCO at Paris. Tang also joined a lot of international music festivals at Osaka, London, Beijing, Shanghai and so on. International critics were all astonished by her performance and thought her music as ‘Terrific’. Her show on Shanghai Cooperation Organization Convention won her very good reputation among national leaders including President Jiang Zemin. Her another success was the performance on APEC Show together with her collaborators. Tang’s experience is displayed on her textbook of Tang Junqiao Teaches You Playing Flute, and a VCD album of Tang Junqiao’s World of Flute also brought us Tang’s spirit of flute.

Tang has cooperated with many world famous orchestras such as London Symphony Orchestra, French National Symphony Orchestra, Hamburg Symphony Orchestra and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, etc. Tang’s performance has covered nations and area like England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania and Hong Kong, etc. Tang is worth the name of first class flute player of China.