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Stand: Mittwoch, der 09.09.2009

Das Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

Bild des Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in one of the oldest and very influential orchestra of its kind not only in China but also in Asia. Founded in 1879 as the Shanghai Municipal Public Band with French flutist Jean Remusat as conductor, it developed into an orchestra of 33 musicians in 1907 under the direction of the German musician Rudolf Buck. The orcheatra began to grow rapidly in 1919 when the Italian maestro Mario Paci, winner of the 1895 Liszt International Piano Competition took over the directorship. Paci invited many well-trained musicians from Europe to join the orchestra, including the young concertmaster and soloist Arrigo Foa from the Milan Conservatory (he also served as conductor in later years) Through the effort of Maestro Paci, the Public Band was named as Shanghai Municipal Orchestra in 1922, Which was not only the earliest to perform the first orchestral work written by Chinese composer. The "Paci era" lasted for 23 years, during which time the orchestra developed a wide repertoire and performed with a great many outstanding artists from around the world, and hailed as "the best in the Far East".

After the founding of the The People's Republic in 1949, the orchestra changed its name several times, until it adopted its current name of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in 1956. In October 1950 HUANG Yijun appeared as conductor of the orchestra, which was regarded a very important event in the orchestra's history. Other Chinese conductors engaged after him were LU Hong-en, CHEN Chuanxi, CAO Peng, CHEN Xieyang and HOURRunyu. CHEN Xieyang was appointed as orchestra's director in 1984, and as music director and principal conductor in 1986. a position which he holds till today.

Since the founding of New China, the SSO has successfully collaborate with many world-famous artists such as violinists David Olstrah and Jang Voicu, pianists Helen Czerny- Stafanska and Tatiana Nikolayeva, stc; and in recent years played under the baton of Jean Perrison, John Nelson, Michel Plasson, Ronald Zollman, Paulo Olmi and TNAG Muhai, and collaborated with violinist Gil Shaham, LIN Choliang, XUE Wei, Cellist Yoyo MA, Jian WANG, QIN Liwei, and pianist FU Chong, Squiera Costa, YIN Chunzhong,etc. As concerts with prestigious vocalists Jose Carreras (1998) and Placido Domingo (2002) were very impressive, the orchestra has also collaborated with Chinese top vocalists TIAN Maojiang (bass), ZHANG Jianyi (tenor) HUANG Ying (soprano), LAO Changyong (baritone) and many others.

The SSO has remarkably completed over 4000 regular concerts plus more than 600 chamber music concerts over the years, and most recently it has played for such major events as: the APEC meeting, Application for hosting the 2010 WORLD EXPO, the recording of TAN Dun's film music of the (Oscar) Prize-winning movie Crouching Tiger&Hidden Dragon (with Yoyo MA as solist), as well as ZHU Jian-er's ten symphonies and other works of his, also co-projected for the publication of his scores and CDs. In addition, the Orchestra has widely rehearsed and performed numerous Chinese symphonic works written by the young composers such as: TAN Dun, CHEN Qigang, Bright SHENG, ZHOU Long, CHEN Yi, HUANG Anlun, Xu Shuya, QU Xiaosong, and YE Xiaogang,etc.

Since 1998 SSO has successfully collaborate with artists from Teatro Communale di Fironze, the British Covent Garden Royal Opera, the Metropolitan Opera, The Rhine Opera, Association Francaise d' Action Artistique, and the Zurich Opera for the performance of Aida, La Traviata. The Flying Dutchman, Magic Flute, Don Carlos, Faust, and Cavalleria Rusticana,etc.

As festival participant, the SSO has played a great many concerts in the music festicals and arts festivals of China, China-Shanghai, Shanghai Spring, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, and North Korean's Spring in April Music Festival as well, and won many prizes. Creating great influence with its performing skill, the SSO has toured to the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Thailand, North and South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, Malaysia. Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Among which, the concert played for Carnegie Hall Centennial in October 1990 was very impressive and highly praised by the media in New York. Besides touring with the orchestra, music director CHEN Xieyang has been invited very often to conduct concerts in various countries and enjoyed high prestige.