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Stand: Sonntag, der 20.06.2010

The Concert Office Richter presents:

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Sotirios Dimitriadis

“A magician on the piano”, "an experience of the highest calibre !”, “rousing, thunderous”, “a truly mystical experience”, “unforgettable”…Such are the international press comments about the exceptional art of the famous, internationally acclaimed, Greek concert pianist Sotirios Dimitriadis, who was born and raised in Athens.

He started taking piano lessons at the age of 3 and at 10 gave his first public concert. He won various scholarships over a total period of 18 years which enabled him to finance his studies in piano, chamber music and song accompaniment at the Athens Conservatory, where he graduated with highest degrees and honours as a solo performing artist, winning also the prize for the best overall performances of the year.

He then took post-graduate courses at the Academies of music in Salzburg and Moscow under the legendary Professor Tatiana Nikolayeva and at the Cologne Academy of Music in Germany. He passed the “Künstlerische Reifeprüfung” with the highest distinction and the “Konzertexamen” (the final postgraduate qualification that can be obtained in Germany in the field of artistic instrumental training, equivalent to a doctoral degree).

He has been awarded national and international prizes. He also studied physical medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, specialising in neurophysiology. Degree thesis 10 (“outstanding”), degree examination 7.3 (“very good”). His Dissertation was the first ever scientific work in Greece regarding that subject (somatosensory evoked potentials). The results of his extended, international, several years research in neuropathology and neurophysiology for that work, have been issued as a book.

He speaks fluent Greek, German and English and a little Russian. He did his military service with the Greek Air Force. For a period of one year, he was responsible, educator and soloist of the Greek Air Force orchestra with which he performed numerous times throughout Greece.

Sotirios Dimitriadis has deepened his knowledge and skills under the tuition of some of the best-known personalities of our time including Bruno Leonardo Gelber, Tatiana Nikolayeva, Lev Vlasenko, Murray Perahia, Leon Fleisher, Paul Badura-Skoda, Peter Feuchtwanger and György Sebôk.

His wide repertoire comprises solo and chamber music from various periods of classical music as well as opera arias, songs, operettas, musical, evergreens, pop, jazz, waltzes, movies, folk music and Greek music. Educator for piano since 1984 and song interpretation since 1988, for some time also at the Cologne Academy of Music in Germany.

Concert preparation, arrangement of repertoires and interpretation for singers of song, operettas, opera, musicals and folk music. Very successful arrangements, amongst others, 32 compositions von Mikis Theodorakis, arranged for small, medium and large chamber music ensembles, performed in the biggest German cities.

Advisor of the German Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, long time member of the German DTKV (German Musicians Association), and the European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA). Guest of honour of the Mayor of Geilenkirchen, signature in the official "Golden Book" of the city.

Artistic director of multinational music projects. Co-founder and Leader of the Greek Children and Adult Choir in Aachen. Co-operation with contemporary composers. Many years of involvement and vast experience in the fields of ergonomics, body awareness, stage-fright, mental training, meditation, physical and mental stress reduction, physiology and time management.

VIP guest of honour and Consultant for Culture and Education of the government of People’s Republic of China. Public lectures on issues such as music, medicine, philosophy, body – mind – spirit balance. Guest performances at the biggest cultural events in Asia.

Vast concert activity throughout the world. Guest performances at international fairs, festivals and congresses. Concert tours, radio and television programmes, interviews, artistic portraits and articles in Europe, Asia, Far East, North and South America (for example at the West German and Bavaria state German TV and radio channels (WDR, BR) as well as on Chinese, Greek and South American television, radio and printed media).

Live recordings on CDs of solo piano and chamber music from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods as well as contemporary and modern music. A great number of video and audio recordings.

Special performances at: Berlin Philharmonic hall, Salzburg festival, Vienna City Hall, International Peace Conference in Munich, Munich Philharmonic hall, Schleswig-Holstein Festival, Hamburg Concert hall, Stuttgart Concert hall, in honour of the former president of Poland and Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa.

The Dalai Lama, the President of the Human Unity Conference and the World Religions Community His Holiness Sant Rajinder Singh, the German ambassadors in Greece (Athens Residence) and Latin America, the Greek ambassadors in Germany and Belgium, the American ambassador to Brussels and the European Union.

At the World Peace Congress in Delhi, for the Orthodox Archbishop of Germany and Exarch of Central Europe, the Foreign Office, the Millennium celebrations in the United States, the Hilton Towers and the Drake in Chicago, the Palacio de Communicaciones La Paz, Palacio de Simon I. Patiño Cochabamba, Teatro Gran Mariscal Sucre, and Teatro Casa de la Cultura Santa Cruz Bolivia.

The international music festival at Plakentia Castle in Athens, the Ceremonial hall of Athens and Thessalonica Universities, North Rhine Westphalia State Music Academy and Remscheid, in the Dom Forum and St. Pantaleon church in Cologne, in the Eurogress hall Aachen, at the International Cultural Summer of the city of Aachen, in St. Michael´s church and at the official opening celebrations of Aachen opera theatre.

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