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Stand: Sonntag, der 20.06.2010

The Concert Office Richter presents:

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Xie Ya-Ou

Pianist Ya-Ou Xie, born in southwestern China, began learning the piano in early childhood from her mother. At the age of eleven, she matriculated into the School of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing (Prof. ZHAO Pingguo). Subsequently, she studied both piano (Prof. LI Mingqiang, Prof. LIN Eryao) and conducting in Shanghai (Prof. HUANG Xiaotong). In Europe, Ms. Xie has studied with Wan-Ing Ong in Stuttgart, with Hans Leygraf, Pascal Devoyon in Berlin and with Pierre-Laurent Aimard in Paris. Important stimuli in Ms. Xie’s artistic development have been her participation in master classes given by Claude Helffer, Yvonne Loriod-Messiaen, William Grant Naboré, Alicia de Larrocha, FU T’song, Charles Rosen, György Sebók and George Crumb, as well as her study of New Music with Gunilde Cramer.

The diverse musical interests of Ms. Xie are revealed by her extensive familiarity with not only the classical repertory, but of twentieth-century music as well. She won numerous prizes and was specially awarded for the compositions of Luciano Berio (Kranischsteiner Musikpreis of International Musikinstitut Darmstadt 1996), Arnold Schönberg (Mention Special at Concours Olivier Messiaen 2000 in Paris), Franz Liszt (Liszt Prize at the 17th Concorso Valsesia Musica 2001 in Italy), José Luis Turina (Premio Música Contemporánea at the 44th Concorso Premio Jaén 2002 in Spain) and Claude Debussy (Prize for the best interpreter of French music at the 5th Concours International Morocco 2002, Meknès).

In March 2003 she was ranked out of 103 participates the 5th place at the Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition. Today, Ms. Xie lives as Freelance musician in Berlin. Concert engagements have led this young artist to, among other places, Japan, Belgium, French, Holland, Moldavian, Poland, Spain and Switzerland.

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